Peace Standard Pharmaceutical Company’s core essence is from the passion to make a difference in the society by adding value to the lives of the people. This explains why the company is so passionate and strategic in its operations, adding value to the lives of the people through life-changing healthcare solutions.

As characteristic of any ethically and morally responsible organisation, Peace Standard Pharmaceutical Company, is committed to providing more value to humanity than just profits for shareholders. This is demonstrated in the company’s efforts at treating our employees well, preserving the environment, developing sound corporate governance, supporting humanity, fostering the good health and general wellbeing of the people. All these are intended to have a positive impact on the community, society, environments in which the company operates and the country at large.

However, the core of our CSR initiatives revolve around children’s health, education, as well as community service and development. This has constantly spurred us to continue to make efforts towards improving the quality of life of the ordinary Nigerian children in general and the vulnerable ones in particular. The fact that we are operating in a community makes us a corporate citizen of the community, this therefore gives us the moral obligation to share in the problems of the community and to help solve the challenges.