The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has inducted the MD, Peace Standard Pharm. Ind. Ltd., Dr. Samuel Akinlaja into NOA Hall of fame.

Pharm., Dr. Abu-Saeed Kamaldeen.

The induction ceremony took place during the 2022 Press week of NOA Chapel of NUJ which took place on Thursday 28th of July, 2022 at E-Phoenix hotel in Ilorin, Kwara state.

The award recipient was represented at the program by the Superintendent Pharmacist of the Peace Standard Pharm., Dr. Abu-Saeed Kamaldeen.

Dr. Samuel Akinlaja was recognised for being a foremost Industrialist, human capital development expert and a philanthropist per excellence.

Some of the people who also received awards and were inducted at the program included the wife of the Governor of Kwara State, the CEO of SEAP as well as the CEO of E-phoenix hotels among others.

President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR conferred the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) 2020 Award for Organizations on Peace Standard Pharm. Ind. Ltd.

The event which took place on Thursday 12th of May, 2022 at the Banquet hall of the state house in Abuja featured the creme de la creme of the Society.

Five other Companies were conferred same award along with Peace Standard.

The award letter from the Ministry of Labour and Productivity signed by the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Dr. Chris Ngige partly stated “The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR has approved the conferment of National Productivity Order of Merit NPOM Award on you in recognition of your high productivity, hard work and excellence.
Your recommendation was based on report of National Productivity Order of Merit Award committee after a vigorous selection process… The National Productivity Order of Merit Award is an award of honour and dignity instituted by Government to recognise hard work and excellence”.

Speaking at the end of the occasion, the MD, Peace Standard Pharm, Dr. Samuel Akinlaja praised the Almighty God for this rare honor done on the Company. He thanked all the Management and staffs of the Company for all their positive efforts toward uplifting the Company. He also added that the Company shall continue to do all things possible to uplift the Country at large.

Dr. Abu-Saeed Kamaldeen ( Superintendent Pharmacist)

Also speaking, the Superintendent Pharmacist of the company, Dr. Abu-Saeed Kamaldeen said he is so delighted to be a part of this success story. He prayed that the company shall continue to grow from strength to strength.

Peace Standard Pharm. is one of the less than 70 Companies in Nigeria that has been conferred with this prestigious National award.


This is to inform our esteemed customers that Peace Standard Pharm. has changed the Pack designs of some of our Products.

The Products involved include

  • Lifex Tonic (100ml and 200ml)
  • Peace Blood tonic (100 and 200ml)
  • Malarex syrup
  • Supababe baby mixture. The changes were made in the interest of our customers to enhance the looks of our Products. These products still have the same content in terms of quality and quantity.

Some other products may also be subjected to the same changes in due course.

Peace Standard will continue to ensure that we give our customers quality and standard products at all times.

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Peace Standard Pharm played host to the leadership of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Friday 10th of September, 2021 led by Assistant Comptroller General on Narcotics and the Commander of the Kwara State NDLEA office, Mr. Ambrose Umoru.
The purpose of the courtesy visit was to decorate the MD, Peace Standard Pharm. as an Ambassador of War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) on behalf of the Chairman of NDLEA, Rtd. General Muhammad Buba Marwa, to tell him more about the WADA program and to sought support from him and his company to contribute meaningfully to tackle the war against drug abuse.

In his speech, Mr. Ambrose thanked Peace Standard for their continuous support for the fight against drug abuse. He described the Company as a major pillar to NDLEA, Kwara command, and said he hopes that the company will do everything possible to continue to assist in the fight against drug abuse.
In his response, the MD of Peace Standard Pharm., Dr. Samuel Akinlaja thanked the Agency for the honor done on him and promised to continue to support the Agency as much as he can. He also promised to continue to sell controlled medicines to only accredited sources.

In a similar development, the new Commander of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Kwara Command, Mr. Makinde Ayinla, and his team paid a courtesy call to the company. He promised to assist the company on issues bordering on security and looks forward to a good working relationship. The MD of Peace Standard Pharm also assured him of his support towards moving the command forward.

Peace Standard Pharm. has registered and introduced two brands of Oral Rehydration Salts into the market: The plain and the flavored ORS.

The Peace ORS plain has a NAFDAC registration number of A11-1154 while the Peace orange-flavored ORS has a NAFDAC registration number of A11-1155.

These products were carefully selected and blended to meet the best standards and regulatory requirements.

“We hope these products will go along way to promote sound health among patients who need them in the Society” the Superintendent Pharmacist of the company, Dr. Abu-Saeed Kamaldeen said.

He also hinted that more than 15 new qualitative products will also soon be introduced to the market by the company.

October 1 is always set aside by Peace Standard Pharm. Ind. Ltd. to Praise God and celebrate the annual anniversary of the company.
This is done by an array of activities targetted at praising and thanking God for making the company progress from strength to strength.
This year’s anniversary was done in Grand style. It was celebrated in a brand new edifice PEACE CONFERENCE CENTRE built by the company which can accommodate close to 5,000 people. It also has other facilities that make the building unique and strategically located.

This year’s program was as usual well attended by over a thousand friends and well-wishers, many who described Peace Standard Pharm as a consistent company when it comes to the quality of products.

The MD of the company, Dr. Samuel Akinlaja thanked God for bringing us thus far and promised that the company shall continue to be committed to the manufacturing of quality and standard products at all times.

We pray that the company continues to grow from strength to strength.

In a bid to combat the current COVID 19 pandemic, the management of Peace Standard Pharm. Industries Ltd donated 5000 bottles of Peace hand sanitizer to the Kwara state Government today 1st of April, 2020.
Receiving the item, the Deputy Governor of the state, His Excellency Mr. Kayode Alabi thanked the company and promised to make good use of the donated items.

The COVID 19 pandemic has been on for the past few weeks with cases in Nigeria increasing day in day out.
Although no case has been reported in Kwara state, the state Government has been proactive in making sure they are prepared in cases of any eventuality.

Coronavirus is large in size where the cell diameter is 400 – 500 micro and for this reason any mask prevents its entry so there is no need for pharmacists to trade in masks.

The virus does not settle in the air but is grounded, so it is not transmitted by air.

Coronavirus when it falls on a metal surface, it will live 12 hours, so washing hands with soap and water or sanitizer is well enough for prevention
Coronavirus when it falls on the fabric remains 9 hours, so washing clothes or being exposed to the sun for two hours meets the purpose of killing it.

The virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes, so putting a sanitizer in the pocket meets the purpose of prevention.

If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27 ° C. it will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Also drinking hot water and sun exposure will do the trick
And stay away from ice cream and eating cold is important.

Gargle with warm and salt water kills the tonsils’ germs and prevents them from leaking into the lungs.

Adherence to these instructions fulfills the purpose of preventing viruses.

Buy original hand sanitizer from Peace Standard Pharma.

Call for large order: 09044265410 or 08033579034
The Role of a Pharmacist in Caring for Ophthalmic Conditions

Stephanie Conway, PharmD, RPh, Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences—Worcester/Manchester, discusses the links between ophthalmic conditions, over-the-counter ophthalmic products, and pharmacists. This video was filmed at the 2019 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting in Chicago. 

Stephanie Conway, PharmD, RPh: There are many different ophthalmic conditions that patients might go to your local pharmacy to seek over-the-counter or self-care medications for. Some of these might include allergic conjunctivitis, various types of dry eye, blepharitis, contact lens-related concerns, and even on the flipside, many medications can contribute to some of these ocular conditions, and so there really is a very close tie between ophthalmic products, ophthalmic conditions, and the role of a pharmacist.


Peace Standard Pharmaceutical company Products see more…

Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)

In a discovery that may further the understanding of diabetes and human longevity, scientists at Scripps Research have found a new biological mechanism of insulin signaling. Their study, involving the roundworm C. elegans, reveals that a “decoy” receptor is at work in binding to insulin molecules and keeping them from sending signals for increased insulin production.

The study appears in the journal eLife. It describes a new player in the insulin signaling system, one that may offer insights into insulin resistance, a feature of type 2 diabetes. The scientists are now assessing whether a similar decoy exists in humans. If so, it could present a new target for diabetes treatment and prevention research.

This truncated, ‘decoy’ receptor that we’ve found adds yet another layer of complexity to our understanding of insulin signaling.”

Matthew Gill, PhD, lead author, associate professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research in Florida

In an associated commentary, Princeton University geneticist Coleen Murphy, PhD, writes that the discovery shocks, given how well-studied insulin signaling is.

“It would be hard to overstate the importance of a receptor called DAF-2 to our understanding of aging and longevity,” Murphy writes. “The discovery…raises new questions and will change how we think about DAF-2’s role in insulin signaling regulation of aging and longevity.”

Insulin is a hormone of ancient and fundamental importance to animals, and insulin-like proteins are found even in simpler organisms such as bacteria, fungi and worms. In humans, it acts as a signal to key cell types, directing them to pull in glucose from the blood. This helps maintain cellular energy stores and keeps blood sugar within a safe range. Type 2 diabetes, which is estimated to affect more than 30 million people in the United States, features a failure of insulin signaling to reduce blood glucose levels.

Since the 1990s researchers have recognized that insulin signaling is also an important regulator of longevity. For example, mutations in the gene that encodes the C. elegans insulin receptor DAF-2 can more than double the worm’s lifespan.

Gill and his colleagues focused on a variant form of the C. elegans receptor known as DAF-2B. It’s a truncated version that contains the usual binding site for insulin, but doesn’t respond as the normal version would by sending a cellular signal to initiate insulin production.

The team confirmed that the gene for DAF-2B is active throughout the worm lifespan, and they used CRISPR gene-editing technology to tag the receptor with a fluorescent molecule and thus track its location in the worm body. From these experiments it became apparent that DAF-2B is secreted from the cells that produce it into the space surrounding the tissues of the worm, acting as a decoy to capture insulin molecules and thereby reduce insulin signaling.

“Normally insulin molecules float around and interact with insulin receptors to create insulin signals, but when they bind to these decoy receptors, they generate no signal, so producing these decoys appears to be a way to modulate insulin signaling,” Gill says.

The scientists found that overproducing DAF-2B could tip worms into a semi-dormant state that normally occurs when food is scarce and insulin signaling is low. Overproduction of DAF-2B increased worm lifespan as well.

Although the discovery of this mechanism for regulating insulin signaling is a significant basic-science advance, it also suggests a new way of thinking about diabetes and even aging. The precise causes of the insulin resistance that underlies diabetes and is also seen to some extent with normal aging have never been fully illuminated.

“One possibility is that insulin resistance is caused by the abnormal overproduction of a truncated, ‘decoy’ insulin receptor like the one we’ve found,” Gill says.

DAF-2B is produced from the same gene as the DAF-2 receptor, and results when the RNA transcript that is copied out from the gene is sliced and re-spliced in an alternative form. This alternative splicing process is known to occur for many genes, but Gill notes that it is often dysregulated with aging or certain kinds of disease.

“You can imagine that in the prime of life, splicing and expression of this truncated isoform, DAF-2B, is tightly regulated, but then with a broader change in the splicing system due to disease or aging it becomes dysregulated and leads to insulin resistance,” Gill says.

If so, and if humans also have a decoy insulin receptor like DAF-2B, then reversing its dysregulation in people who have insulin resistance might be a new strategy for better metabolic health.Source:

Scripps Research Institute Journal reference:

Martinez, B.A., et al. (2020) An alternatively spliced, non-signaling insulin receptor modulates insulin sensitivity via insulin peptide sequestration in C. elegans.

Source: News Medical Life Science

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